AjaMy name is Aja. I’m a senior portrait photographer based in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul. I LOVE photography. So what else is there to say?


I work on location, which means I shoot all over the Twin Cities.

I’ve always been a writer (and reader!). My favorite books are straight out of the 19th century. I’ve only read a handful of books that were written after 1920.

I have two kittens, Oscar and Charles. With my love for 19th century lit, I bet you can guess who they were named after. (Hint: They wrote “A Tale of Two Kitties” and “The Importance of Being Purr-nest”).

I like terrible puns.

Yes, I was named after the Steely Dan album.

I drink about 12 cups of tea a day.

Most importantly, I really LOVE working with high school seniors! So give me a call and we can meet over tea (or coffee if you prefer) and chat about how to make your senior portrait session one to remember!